Photograph by the ever talented Sydney Maclennan

Photograph by the ever talented Sydney Maclennan

Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario working with an amazing team at Auvenir, a Deloitte Venture

Coming from an undergraduate degree in Community Design and Urban Planning, I was inspired to solve human-centered problems and already had the methodology in my toolkit. The relationship people have with technology has always fascinated me, so decided to further my knowledge of human-centered design and human interaction through a full-time User Experience Design course at Brainstation. 

My mind is always gravitating towards understanding peoples' individual processes. Why do people do what they do? How can we make their lives easier through research and thoughtful design? How can we design for the masses when people have such unique and individual needs? These questions drive me to continuously learn and grow as a designer. 

I find myself seeking new ways to understand and empathize with people. I do this through a variety of mediums such as reading, watching films with characters very different from myself, devouring podcasts and making new connections in the incredibly diverse community of Toronto. 

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